Short post this time! Something sort of a tweet but over 140 characters because I’m telling myself to be involved in one less social medium.

I’ve downloaded all the Punk Goes Pop volumes that have been released so far!


Inexplicably giddy! Looking forward to listen to the songs I caught as I browsed through the internet back in high school.

Silver Linings Playbook was a feel-good movie. Deciding to watch it and not reading “Virtue: Confucius and Aristotle” was a good call. Now I have to cram writing up that summary tonight.

Three things I am extremely grateful for today:

  1. The first AMUN meeting went well today! I decided not to impart words of wisdom just yet, and I let my co-project head, EJ, do the talking. Being a radio DJ, he’s more comfortable with speaking first than I am. We both dreamt of being lawyers when we were freshmen, but that dream lost its luster for me. My major in European Studies – International Relations and my minor in French Studies will lead me elsewhere.
  2. I ran into one of my good friends from junior year, Miko. He’s been in a bit of a rough patch lately, but he’s getting back on his feet (and quickly[!], luckily).
  3. I watched She’s the One with Mama today! Quality time with my mother has always been an honor and the greatest privilege.

Now to get back on track with my readings for my Philosophy 104: Foundations of Moral Value class!


Thank god for university connections! I found the first set of readings on JSTOR with no trouble at all.

(So much for a short post, eh?)


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