Under new management

We’re starting work on the Ateneo-Model United Nations Conference just this week. It’s overwhelming, the amount of things we have to accomplish within the next 8 weeks. The conference is set for Friday, January 17, 2014 and Saturday, January 18. I’m incredibly disappointed with the amount of time that’s been wasted since August. And over the sem break, the team could have done so much. But this is it. This is what we have to work with.

I’ve gotten around to arranging things over the long weekend on a Google Doc spreadsheet, and I am extremely pleased with myself for manually syncing out Google Calendar and Google Doc for all the 10 committees of the team. Looking forward to finally personally meeting up with the team tomorrow! We’re missing a few heads and deputies, however, but we’re hoping to get a complete team before the Wednesday next week! We’ll be blasting promotions this week in the Ateneo Association of European Studies Students (AEuSS) Facebook group.


Call for Volunteers Promo, for online distribution. Designed by Danielle Quico (one of the girls on the team I’m thrilled to see!).

On a side note, I was also able to work on promotions for the lecture on Philippine-French Bilateral Relations that the Ambassador of France in Manila, Gilles Garachon, is presenting next Monday, November 18. Monica, the President of Ateneo AEuSS and one of my dear friends, and I were messaging each other from 6 pm to just after midnight about the changes that the Office of International Relations (comments c/o Ms. Maricor) wanted. In the middle of it, this occurred to me:

Receiving their thanks, both Monica’s and Ms. Maricor’s, made everything worth it.


Ticket to Philippine-French Bilateral Relations Lecture. See that blank space to the left? That’s where the control numbers are supposed to go. I am so glad I don’t have to manually type them, and a machine will be doing it instead!

In other news, my partner, Trisha, and I have done a significant amount of research over the semestral break on Philippine cinema and the Cannes Film Festival. But we’re hoping for something groundbreaking. And we hope it comes soon!

Last Thursday, we tried to narrow down what we’ve come understood over the break from the journal articles we got to a simple-sentenced research question. We couldn’t do it. We hammered at it for over an hour while we ate our lunch at ISO cafeteria, and all that we came up with is: can independent Filipino independent films generate interest in the Filipino industry? This is working upon the assumption that mainstream films do not generate enough interest, but with the number of Filipinos who are keen to watch (and have already watched!) She’s The One,how are we to prove that? Maybe the question instead is, what is wrong with Philippine Cinema, and has it got anything to do with the Cannes Film Festival? 

We were supposed to meet tomorrow after AMUN work, but I’m prioritizing the movie date I’ve got with my mom. I’m sorry, Trisha, please don’t be mad!

I’m staying up tonight again until around midnight. I need to drink my antibiotics every six hours for this insect bite I got two weeks ago. It looked horrible then, and I’m glad my mom’s been wonderful, as mothers always are, bringing me to the doctor’s and buying the medicine I’ve been prescribed after our weekly check-ups. My little sister, Steffi, is staying up, too, to work on her remaining academic requirements. I’ve got a summary to write up for Tuesday on a 23-page journal article entitled “Virtue: Confucius and Aristotle”, and I’ve got 20 pages left to go! But I am going to watch Silverlinings Playbook instead.


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